Love & Care

To properly enjoy your jewellery as the keepsake that it is, here are some tips so that these tokens may become heirlooms one day!

- Moisture, lotions, perfumes, chlorine, household cleaning agents, chemicals, salts - these are just a few of the many things that can tarnish or harm your jewellery. Please avoid them at all costs. We always take our jewelry off when washing our hands and applying lotion to keep the pieces from looking dull, and collecting any films or grease on them.

***** always keep your rings in your pocket when you are washing your hands so that you won’t accidentally leave them behind or throw them out!

- To keep your rings as scratch free and new as the day you got them do not exercise, or wear your fine jewellery while hiking, lifting weights, swimming, etc. 

- Cleaning your jewelry regularly will help keep it looking lovely! We recommend a soft bristle brush (a soft manual toothbrush works great!)  as some harder bristles can cause scratches on the metal and some gemstones.

- A soft, lint-free polishing cloth will help maintain gold jewelry's beauty. Please see your polishing cloth's informational label to make sure it is safe for gold. 

- Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral on the Mohs scale, but they can still suffer from scuffs, fractures, and chips when met with a hard blow. While they are known to be very durable, please wear and store your diamond jewelry with great care as you should with all of your treasures and jewelry.

- Gemstones vary in hardness, but all should be worn and stored with care. All gemstones, especially softer ones, should avoid prolonged exposure to chemicals, water and sunlight as they may cause colours to fade. Opals, pearls, and turquoise are more porous stones and should not be submerged in water regularly.