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"Chantal did an incredible job re-working a hundred-year-old family heirloom ring. Before starting, she took the time to sit with me and sketch out a modern design that was completely my style while also giving maximum protection to the delicate stones. She sent progress photos as it took shape, and ever since I got it, I can’t stop looking at it!"   


"When we started looking into engagement rings, there was no doubt that I wanted Chantal to create mine. I had a vision for my engagement ring and I knew that Chantal would be able to make it a reality. She delivered more than what I could have ever dreamt of, my ring is perfect! You can tell from the quality of the piece, how much love and care she puts into each piece she creates to make them truly one of a kind.  From the time my fiancé and I had dreamt up the perfect ring, to production and the finished product we had an exceptional experience working with Chantal. I would recommend her a thousand times over to anyone looking for custom engagement rings. Thank you SO much for all the love you put into my piece to make our engagement that much more special!"


Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me on recreating some precious heirloom jewelry for me. I am so grateful for all of the patience, love, sweat and devotion you put into my rings. Your commitment throughout the entire process was to create perfection and that is truly what you accomplished. I am so grateful to have made a friend through this process & look forward to working with Token Gold again in the future. Looking forward to seeing you at OOAK


I. Just. Want. ALL the things that Chantal creates! Never have I seen or experienced fine jewellery with such a beautiful and skillful uniqueness to it. I love that Token Gold pieces are ahead of the trend curve and marked with Chantal's spirit. Chantal LOVES what she does and each piece emanates her radiance. I only have 6 rings and 1 necklace from her so far... I need more finger real estate!