Truly, Deeply Pear Ring

Truly, Deeply Pear Ring

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A  ring to highlight your unique style and beauty with a completely one of a kind untreated, natural, certified conflict free sapphire. Surrounded by 24 of the most beautifully cut colourless diamonds, this is Chantal’s take on a past, present, future ring, with the most stunning reminder to live within the present, because that is where true happiness lives.

Sapphire naturally comes in so many stunning colours that most are unaware of. You will be able to choose between some of the most unique colours or stick to tradition and together we will find a perfect colourless sapphire.

Sourced just for you before or after purchased and 100% custom made for your order.

 All sapphires sourced for this ring design are from Sorbet Sapphire ™ 

Please allow 6-8 weeks for production and shipping time. 

*For more information around this process and custom sizing please email to set up a free consultation time.